Leather Furniture Care

Proper leather care requires the application of a high quality leather cleaner and leather conditioner on a regular basis to keep leather upholstery supple and prevent damage. Otherwise, dirt, grit and grime can discolor surface areas and eventually cause the leather  to crack. If left untreated the cracks begin to split. and repair becomes more expensive.  Soon these splits get wider and eventually turn black and begin to crumble.  At this point the only options are to re-upholster or rplace the furniture. Both very expensive options.

Using cleaning products meant for saddles and boots or poor quality products can also cause damage. The may  harden the surface of upholstery leather, which then can’t flex and breathe as it should. These cleaners remove some of the surface dye and strip the natural oils causing more fading and cracking.

Our  professional Leather Cleaner is specially formulated for leather upholstery. It penetrates deep to remove the grit and grime that can cause damage, yet it is gentle and pH balanced for upholstery leather. It contains no harmful chemicals and is non-toxic.

Leather furniture should be cleaned at least twice a a year. The more use and abuse (snacks, children, pets) the more frequently it should be cleaned. Some couches or chairs may need to be cleaned every month.

It is also very important to apply leather conditioner on a regular basis. Like our skin, leather looses its natural lubrication over time. Winter  heating escallates this drying, so it is very important to condition the leather to prevent dryness and subsequent cracking. Using the right leather conditioner is also very important.  Some animal oil based products are not suitable for upholstery leather.

Our Professional Leather Conditioner protects leather against cracking and premature aging and keeps the leather soft and supple. Leather Conditioner should always be applied whenever the leather is cleaned. It should also be applied wheneverleather  begins to look a little dry.

Good quality leather is not only strong, durable and beautiful, it is also fire resistant and if maintained properly an excellent investment. Leather furniture can last over 30 years. But without proper maintenance is can be ruined in less than 5 years.


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