Protect your investment

Auto Interiors can often receive a lot of abuse –  sunlight, extremes of temperature,  open windows, stained and dirty work clothes, spilt coffee are just some of the things that can cause staining and fading as well as cracking.

Our UltraClean is a remarkable product. Designed for the ‘protected leather’ used in autos and also for vinyl, UltraClean gets out the grit and stains you thought would never come out, leaving your car showroom clean. You will be amazed when you see how much better your car interior looks when you clean it with UltraClean.

After you clean the interior of your car , it is very imortant to condition leather areas with our excellent, professional Leather Conditioner to replenish the natural oils lost over time and prevent cracking and fading.


For those who prefer an all in one, cleaner and conditioner, we have OneStep. Just spray and wipe and you are done.

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