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Choosing the best leather cleaner for your upholstery

 Choosing the Best Leather Cleaner for Leather Upholstery Leather is  beautiful,  soft, durable and if  cared for can last a very long time.  The life span of a well maintained leather sofa* under normal conditions is at least 25- 30 years.  A leather coat or jacket should  last for several years. Proper leather care requires regular cleaning and conditioning, to keep leather upholstery...

Aniline, Nubuck, Protected, What do these terms mean?

Aniline, Nubuck, Protected, What do these terms mean? How Hides are processed During processing the outerskin, (the hair/fur/wool side) is removed and the portion of the middleskin (or corium) that now becomes exposed is called the GRAIN side. The underskin is also removed and the part of the corium now exposed is the SUEDE side.  Buttery soft Pure Aniline Chair is very inviting Leather hides are colored in one of three ways. This is a preview...

Quick and Easy Leather Upholstery Care

Quick and Easy Leather Upholstery Care Proper leather care requires only a small investment of time, and a few easy steps to keep leather upholstery supple and prevent damage. Otherwise, dirt, grit and grime can discolor surface areas and eventually get down into the sub surface fibers causing cracking, tears and rips. 1. Vacuum with upholstery attachment once a week. This is a preview of Quick and Easy Leather Upholstery Care....

UltraClean Leather and Vinyl Cleaner

UltraClean Leather and Vinyl Cleaner   UltraClean (the Professional Super Cleaner) is now available on our website. If your looking for an amazing cleaner for auto interiors and other heavily soiled leather and vinyl this is it!  It gives your upholstery a deep down cleaning that removes stains and inground dirt and makes your leather or vinyl car interior unbelievably clean. In automobiles that have leather seats, the...
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