• Leather Care Products

    Thank you for visiting the new Leather and Vinyl MD E-store where you will find the finest, professional leather cleaners, conditioners and protection products available anywhere. Are you looking for a leather cleaner for your fine leather upholstery or leather jacket? One that is gentle yet cleans deep down into the fiber. A Leather cleaner that has no harsh chemicals, is non toxic and is not harmful to the environment? Our professional Leather Cleaner is just what you are looking for.
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  • Leather Furniture Care

    Proper leather care requires the application of a high quality leather cleaner and leather conditioner on a regular basis to keep leather upholstery supple and prevent damage. Otherwise, dirt, grit and grime can discolor surface areas and eventually cause the leather to crack. If left untreated the cracks begin to split. and repair becomes more expensive. Soon these splits get wider and eventually turn black and begin to crumble. At this point the only options are to re-upholster or rplace the furniture. Both very expensive options.
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  • Protect your investment

    Auto Interiors can often receive a lot of abuse - sunlight, extremes of temperature, open windows, stained and dirty work clothes, spilt coffee are just some of the things that can cause staining and fading as well as cracking. Our UltraClean is a remarkable product. Designed for the 'protected leather' used in autos and also for vinyl, UltraClean gets out the grit and stains you thought would never come out, leaving your car showroom clean. You will be amazed when you see how much better your car interior looks when you clean it with UltraClean. After you clean the interior of your car , it is very imortant to condition leather areas with our excellent, professional Leather Conditioner to replenish the natural oils lost over time and prevent cracking and fading. For those who prefer an all in one, cleaner and conditioner, we have OneStep. Just spray and wipe and you are done.
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 Superb LEATHER CLEANER.  It has NO Harsh Chemicals, is NON TOXIC and EASY TO USE.  Just  spray andwipe! Fine  LEATHER CONDITIONER.  Protects, Preserves and Rejuvinates. LEATHER GUARDIAN for easy cleaning and to protect leather from stains.Now specially priced at $39.95! ORDER NOW

  Includes: A special Horse Hair Upholstery Brush for the occasional, deep set stain, to gently clean the leather without scratching it, A  Microfiber Applicator Pad and a Microfiber Cloth. Everything  you need bundled in a convenient, Zippered Bag.

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Our new Complete Auto Care Kit features everything you need to keep your auto interior showroom fresh and beautiful!

  • UltraClean is the ultimate cleaner for leather and vinyl auto interiors. It removes stains, and deeply ingrained dirt or grime that detailing sometimes can’t touch  leaving your car interiors fresh and remarkably clean. Yet this cleaner is safe and non toxic.
  • Our professional Leather Conditioner will help to make your leather products and upholstery last a very long time and keep them looking beautiful! It offers excellent protection against cracking and premature aging by providing the lubrication needed to keep leather soft and supple. .
  • Vinyl Conditioner – When Vinyl Dries it becomes brittle and cracks. Regular use of our Vinyl Conditioner will keep vinyl pliable and greatly extend it’s life.
  • Upholstery Brush for the really tough stains.
  • Microfiber Applicator Pad and Microfibre Cloth for easier application
  • Everything you need bundled in a convenient, Zippered Bag
  • Regular Price $59.95  on special  $49.95




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UltraClean is the ultimate cleaner for leather and vinyl auto interiors. Most cars with ‘leather interiors’ have ‘protected leather’ on the seats and vinyl everywhere else. UltraClean is great for both! It removes stains, even most old stains and deeply ingrained dirt or grime that detailing sometimes can’t touch and leaves your car interiors fresh and remarkably clean.

Use on Leather Car Seats, Vinyl Car Seats, Dashboards, Door Panels, Consuls.
You can also use UltraClean on topcoated leather furniture that has stubborn stains or requires a little stronger cleaner.
Regularly priced at $ 18.95 Now specially priced at $16.95

We recommend always using our excellent Leather Conditioner after cleaning to nourish and restore leather.
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Leather and Vinyl MD, a recognized leader in leather care,  is celebrating it’s 10th birthday with some very special offers comming up very soon.

We clean and restore leather upholstery on fine furniture and car interiors. We have restored corporate jets, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini interiors as well as beautiful showroom furniture.

The products we sell here are the same products we use  everyday when we clean and condition our customer’s fine leather upholstery. For more information about us check out the articles on this site or visit our repair and restoration website at www.leathervinylmd.com and be sure to take advantage of our special pricing on leather care products and order now.

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